Home Tips

Tips for Inside your Home

The goal of indoor crime proofing is to secure your premises, and to make them appear occupied at all times. Here are a few simple tips:

Secure your premises.

  • Close blinds and curtains at night so that a burglar can’t scope your belongings.
  • Lock all doors and windows before leaving.
  • Lock windows so that they can’t be opened from the outside. If they can’t be locked, you can pin them by drilling a hole through both window frames and inserting a bolt or metal pin. The pin must be easily removable for emergency situations.
  • Home burglar alarm systems are a great deterrent. Even if you have an alarm system, don’t neglect the other security measures available to you. An alarm provides an extra layer of security, but is no replacement for good common sense. Alarm owners should still do what they can to make sure their home is not an attractive target for thieves.

Make your home look occupied at all times.

  • Use timers to maintain normal lighting patterns.
  • Leave a radio on when you are away from your home for short periods of time.

Protect your valuables.

  • Consider marking your valuables indelibly (engraved) with your drivers licence or social insurance number.
  • Take an inventory of your home with a videotape and/or photographs.
  • Keep jewellery and negotiables in a safety deposit box or an unlikely place (i.e. Not your bedroom).