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Rented Property Insurance

Protect your investment with coverage uniquely suited to your rental property with insurance for your rented dwelling from Insureit. Our policy options take into consideration coverage for your premises and appliances, whether you rely on monthly income from your tenants to make ends meet, or to protect you from lawsuits in the event of an accident or mishap, on your property. Let’s chat about your options today.

If you’ve purchased a condominium as an investment, you need unique and specific coverage that protects you and your valuable asset against unforeseen financial losses and liabilities. Our condominium insurance when rented as a property puts your financial and emotional needs first – not your tenant’s or the condo corporation – to ensure that your precious real estate asset honestly does provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

With the advent of Airbnb and other home-sharing networks, many homeowners in Ontario have unlocked hidden value in their home by renting out a room or a portion of their house to limited-stay tenants. What home-sharing providers may not be aware of is that traditional home insurance may not cover some of the losses or damages that could occur through hosting a tenant. Talk to us about your home-sharing goals and we can develop a package that provides you with coverage ideally suited to your risk tolerance and profile.

When you own a secondary property that also functions as a business through income generation, you expose yourself to a greater range of potential liabilities. At Insureit, we’re here to protect you against those liabilities by taking into consideration your unique stay versus rent dynamic, and the overall physical and financial profile of your seasonal property. Contact us for advice on how to protect your cottage or getaway and we’ll develop a package perfectly suited to your unique needs.