Car, truck or trailer we insure it.

Personal Automobile Insurance

At Insureit, we’re dedicated to finding you auto insurance coverage perfectly suited to your needs at a highly competitive price. Our focus is to look for ways to offer automobile insurance coverage that fits you best, taking all your unique variables into consideration. That’s why we work hard to find you car insurance discounts based on your driver training, accident-free record, 25 or over, retired, winter tire use and more.

If you manage or own a small business, the right commercial automobile insurance portfolio can add up to big savings in overhead. The perfect insurance solution for businesses that operate with two to four cars, commercial automobile insurance ensures you have the right protection for your vehicles, drivers and business as a whole – at a lower price versus taking out separate policies for each vehicle operated by your business.

If your business requires five or more vehicles in its operations, fleet insurance is the most cost-effective way to get your company on the road to success. At Insureit, we’ll work directly with you to ensure your fleet insurance policy is designed to serve your best interests, with no redundancies or gaps in conjunction with your existing commercial insurance policy.

If you drive and receive income from ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft, you require special coverage to protect your unique set of liabilities while you’re at work. Developed through industry consultation, our innovative ride sharing automobile insurance solution provides you with additional coverage from the moment you accept a ride request to the end of the transaction, while providing you with traditional coverage while you’re using your vehicle for personal use. Sounds convenient? It sure is, with Insureit.